Top Rated Tires for SUV

By Samiul Alan - January 25, 2022

Vehicles are an essential part of our life. We use them every single day. There are many categories of vehicles. SUV is one of them. You can increase the performance of your SUV by adding excellent tires. It also makes your journey smooth and comfortable. But first, you need good quality tires for your SUV. You can get that by choosing top rated tires for SUV.

Michelin Defender car tire

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing new tires and changing the old tires. It's an easy task for many people. But few find the task pretty tricky and hard. For them, don't worry. We are here for you. In this review, we will talk about the best tires for SUV, which you can buy. So, let's cut to the chase.

1 Michelin Defender LTX M/S

 Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Perfect snow and wet traction.

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Product Description:

The first product on our list is the Michelin Defender LTX M/S. It's manufactured by Michelin North America Inc. It's an all-season tire that offers long-lasting mileage. It's suitable for light trucks and SUVs. Besides that, It gives a long wear life, good fuel economy, low noise, and comfort. This is one of the best tires for both off-road and on-road driving.

Michelin North America Inc is also a well-known company. They have been working in the field of automotive for many years. All tires of this company come with a six-year, 70,000 miles limited warranty. Moreover, these tires have more hauling capacity and traction than others.

Product Features:

  • Ensure long wear and comfort
  • Perfect snow and wet traction
  • 70,000-Mile Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited
  • 60 days return policy
  • Fit type: vehicle specific
3 years flat tire assistantSome users found the installation process pretty hard
60 days satisfaction assistant
More hauling capacity than other tires

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Michelin North America Inc
  • Brand: MICHELIN
  • Model: Defender LTX M/S
  • Item Weight: 39 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 32.2×10.83×32.2 inches



Cross rotation patterns to fight irregular wear.

Amazon Rating: 5

Product Description:

The second product on our list is FALKEN WILDPEAK H/T. It's manufactured by FALKEN. This is a tire manufacturing company owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. This company was launched in Japan in 1983. FALKEN manufactures tires for cars, trucks, light trucks, SUVs, and more. These tires offer responsive wet braking as well as extremely dry handling on all types of roads.

FALKEN WILDPEAK H/T is very popular all over the world. This model is carefully and specially designed in order for high-performance traction in any weather. It has an aggressive tread design. This tire comes with a unique heat diffuser system. Which helps to cool down the tire while carrying heavy loads. It has implements built into the tires sideways.


  • Suitable tire for all seasons
  • Long tread life
  • Multi-wave lateral sipes
  • Variable pitch shoulder design
Four circumference grooves evacuate water and enhance hydroplaning resistanceNone till now
Reduced tire noise
Cross rotation patterns to fight irregular wear

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Falken
  • Brand: Falken
  • Model: Wildpeak H/T
  • Item Weight: 33.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.87×9.66×28.87 inches

3 Hankook Dynapro AT2

Hankook Dynapro AT2

budget-friendly and durable.

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Product Description:

The third product on our list is Hankook Dynapro AT2. It's manufactured by Hankook. Hankook is a leading tire manufacturing brand. This is a South Korean company. On the list of tire companies, it's the seventh largest company in the world. The company was situated in 1940. It has been manufacturing tires for more than 80 years.

Hankook Dynapro AT2 is budget-friendly and durable. It has one of the best tread wears in the world. The encapsulated tread design gives it a rugged look. Thereby increases its traction in snowy and muddy situations. Moreover, there are 2 high-strength steel belts reinforced with a spirally to give combined strength and driving quality.


  • Made in South Korea
  • 60,000 miles tread wear
  • 17 inches rim
  • 15.3 inches tread depth
Heavy off-road dutyNoise at higher speed
Resist uneven wearNot so good for deep snow
Average pass marks in all tests

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Hankook
  • Brand: HANKOOK
  • Model: DYNAP AT2 RF11 OL
  • Item Weight: 49.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.6×31.6×10.5 inches

4 Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season

An eco-friendly tire brand.

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Product Description:

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde is a popular tire model for trucks, cars, SUVs, bikes, and so on. It's manufactured by PIRELLI TYRE S.P.A. - DE dropship. It's a multinational tire manufacturing company. It is based in Milan, Italy. It was founded in 1922. Pirelli is 9ne of the 10 largest type manufacturing companies.

What’s more, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde is an eco-friendly tire brand. This brand of tires is purposely manufactured for SUV cars. Specially designed for perfect handling on both wet and dry roads. Also, it provides the highest limit of fuel efficiency and premium performance. These tires give you a strong braking grip, low noise, and top-notch traction on surfaces. Rated for overall comfort and long-life service.


  • Ensure all-season performance
  • Fit able for all types of SUV
  • Strong grip on wet roads
Decreases fuel consumptionNone
CO2 emissions
Premium touring tires

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: PIRELLI TYRE S.P.A. - DE dropship
  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Item Weight: 34.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29×29×9.44 inches

5 Bridgestone Dueler H/L

 Bridgestone Dueler H/L

Has ever black sidewall technology.

Amazon Rating: 4.9

Product Description:

The last product on our list is Bridgestone Dueler H/L. This is a quite popular tire in the field of SUV tire brands. It's manufactured by Bridgestone. This is a Japanese multinational automotive and truck parts manufacturing company. It was founded in 1931. Bridgestone is the second largest manufacturer company in the world. They have their production facilities in more than 20 countries.

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L is designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride on any road. Along with fuel efficiency and round performance. The company provides 80,000 miles tread wear warranty. Bridgestone uses their digital technology to improve the overall performance of their products. This makes them more powerful and durable than other companies.


  • 3D sipes enhance dry performance
  • Wide rip improves wear and handling
  • Ever black sidewall technology
  • Sidewall appearance over time

Black wall angle reduces noiseNone
Void design improves wet and snow performance
Dual-layer tread wear design ensures longer tire life.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Bridgestone
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Model: Dueler H/L Alenza
  • Item Weight: 41.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.89×11.18×31.89 inches

Buying Guide and FAQs

What are the types of SUV tires?

There are a few types of tires available in the market for your SUVs. Let's talk about those tires which are mostly used by everyone.

  • All-Season Tires

The All-Season touring tires are one of the most used tires in the world. They are designed to give us comfort and smooth handling. However, they are reliable for All-Season tractions. It comes with a unique tread pattern and grooves for wet weather grip.

  • Highway Tires

These types of tires have all-season tread wear patterns. They are specially designed to handle heavier loads of trucks and SUVs. Most of them have durable compounds. Which resists uneven wear and ensures a long-lasting life. These tires usually enhance all-season traction.

  • All-Terrain Tires

All-Terrain tires also known as A/T tires have more aggressive tread wear patterns than highway tires. In order to provide traction in off-road driving, these tires have more voids and larger tread blocks. All-Terrain tires are designed to handle mud, sand, and gravel. They provide comfort and stability. Nevertheless, it gives your vehicle an aggressive look.

  • Mud-Terrain Tires

Mud-Terrain Tires also known as M/T tires are very similar to A/T tires. These tires also have extremely aggressive patterns and large tread blocks. It helps the tire to get more traction in sand and deep muds. The sidewall of the tire enhances traction in soft terrain. Despite all these, M/T tires are not very comfortable on roads. They are noisier as well. But they are the best tires for off-road driving.

  • All-Purpose or Trail Tires

The All-Purpose or Trail Tires are more rugged than a usual highway tire. They have fewer sipes than highway tires. These tires contain overlapping blocks. They can't bear heavy loads. These tires are generally mild All-Terrain tires. But still very popular among the users.

Best SUV Tire Brands

  • Michelin - This is a France multinational tire manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1889. It's based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This is the largest tire manufacturing company in the World. Michelin owns the Goodrich tire company, Kleber tire company, SASCAR, Bookatable, and Camso brands. The company manufactures tires for automotive, aircraft, space shuttles, motorcycles, and bikes. They have a total of 69 production facilities in 19 countries.

  • Continental AG- This company is mostly known as Continental. This is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturer company. It was founded in 1871. This company is very popular for its brake systems, automotive safety, power train, interior electronics, tires, and other parts. Its headquarter is in Hanover, Lower Saxony. Continental is the world's fourth-largest tire manufacturing company. This is also the first company in the world that manufactures grooved vehicle tires.

  • Yokohama- Yokohama aka The Yokohama Rubber Company Limited, is a tire company. It was founded in 1917. The headquarters of the company is in Tokyo, Japan. This company was expanded in the United States as Yokohama Tire Corporate in 1969. It has 2 production facilities in the United States. They have been manufacturing high-quality tires for more than 100 years. Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich founded the company in a joint venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often should I check my SUVs tire pressure?

Answer: You must check your vehicle's tire pressure at least once a month. But experts suggest checking the tire pressure every single time, before going on a long journey.

Question: How do I know I need new tires?

Answer: The best and easiest way to know that, is to look at the tire wear on the tread. If the tread is completely worn out then you need to get a new tire as soon as possible. You can also try the penny test.

Question: Does every company tire have warranties?

Answer : Yes almost every company has a warranty on their products. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty. Others offer 6 years replacement warranty.

Bottom Line

Like we said before, wheels are one of the most important components for any type of vehicle. And tires protect wheels and give us comfort while driving. There are quite a few types of vehicles. SUV is one of them.

Different people use SUVs for different reasons. Some use them for off-road driving, some for extreme driving, and many more. But to do so, we need good tires. You can get the best SUV tires if you choose to buy the Top Rated Tires for SUV.