Top 5 Best Control Arms Review

By Samiul Alan - January 01, 2022

Only the best control arms in the market can give you a safe driving experience on the road. The control arm is the most important part of any vehicle. It attaches the suspension to the wheel flange and knuckle.

motorcraft control arms

In addition to supporting the suspension system structurally, the wheels can go up and down whenever needed using a good quality control arm. Prolonged use can make the control arm of your vehicle almost useless and is very likely to cause problems while you are driving. It is important to repair the control arm from time to time to maintain the quality of your ride and smooth handling. 

We have conducted dedicated and detailed research from updated marketplaces and listed 5 best-rated control arms with specifications, quality, and details that may satisfy your needs :

1 Motorcraft Control Arms

Motorcraft Control Arms

Good at dealing with heavy loads.

Amazon Rating: 4

Among the top five Control Arms on the market, the Motorcraft is well known for its various motor accessories products including fuel pumps, lubricants, and suspension system accessories and its demand is increasing day by day. The only control arms made by Motorcraft have marketed products with the guaranteed fit and high performance that help them maintain their dominance in the market. 

Product Features:

  • Built as permanent with a smooth finish and heavy-duty composition.
  • Designed to withstand heavy loads as well as to deal with extreme adverse driving situations.
  • Guarantees the exact fit and functionality of the vehicle.
  • Made with the best steel to ensure optimum durability as well as maximum performance.
  • Being non-greasable results in many inconsistencies.
  • Some balls are pre-assembled with joints, bushings. sometimes both.
  • Motorcraft limited warranty of 2 years or more subject to conditions.
Match exactly with the factory original.It takes a little longer to get the product in hand.
There is a fair match between price and quality.They could have given some extra nuts.
Cartridges to reduce unnecessary replacement of full control arm assemblies. 
Easy installation without any hassle. 

2 Moog Control Arms and Ball Joint Assembly

Moog Control Arms and Ball Joint Assembly

Durable and designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

For a long time, Moog was one of the most recognized and well-known in the automotive industry. It is still able to hold its place in the ongoing market competition. It is well known for its innovative suspension materials, troubleshooting components, and reusable components. The Moog control arms are designed to withstand harsh conditions and harmful substances while maintaining the quality of the material.

Product Features:

  • The Moog control arms are much pre-assembled and easier to install than other control arms on the market.
  • Depending on the configuration the arms are greasable or non-greasable.
  • Made with specific OE-style geometry for proper fit and alignment.
  • Bushings and ball joints are pre-assembled with some products for easy installation.
  • Best designed with forged aluminum, forged steel, or stamped steel to achieve maximum performance.
  • Moog also comes with a limited 3 years warranty.
The arms come with a thorough inspection with a bench test guarantee.After long-term use, you may find some tinny noise.
Perfect for various domestic and foreign vehicles. 
Using OE-style geometric mapping for better alignment and fit. 
The upper joint as well as the lower joint also comes with grease fitting. 


3 DorMan Control Arms

DorMan Control Arms

One of the best OEM replacement in the market.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

The first product on our list is DorMan Control Arms. It currently holds first place for control arms machinery as well. Since starting this business in 1918, Dorman has gained popularity for replacing good quality auto parts like control arms, fittings, etc. They have achieved their unmatched skills due to three decades of experience. Dorman's prestigious position came from their unique and extraordinary market monitoring ability.

Dorman control arms are also known as MAS control arms in the market.

Product Features: 

  • Helps wheels get up and down effortlessly and smoothly when pushed or hit by road imperfections.
  • The control arms are rigorously tested for long-lasting performance.
  • Direct OEM replacement without hassle.
  • The bushings and ball connections are provided together in the market.
  • The strict design process eliminates bushing noise made from premium materials ensuring smooth, comfortable operation 100% of the time.
Perfect fit guarantee & easy to install.Ball joints may fail after less than 5k or 6k miles.
Incredible control & stability. 
Great replacement. 
Great quality.  

4 Mevotech X-Factor Control Arms

Mevotech X-Factor Control Arms

It has the Black E-Coat which gives it optimal durability.

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Next on the list, is Mevotech X-Factor Control Arms. Mevotech is committed to maintain and upgrade auto parts in the market according to the latest technology available. For the past 30 years, Mevotech has been honestly delivering the most advanced high-quality mechanical parts as per the market demand.

Mevotech Supreme is the standard brand of the company's control arm and X-Factor is the standard testing phase. 

Product Features:

  • Made from high-quality raw materials.
  • It's coated with black oxide's special properties.
  • Upper and lower bearings are made of highly durable metals.
  • Pressure-in, bolt-in, and unit attachment are easily available on the control arms.
  • The interior elements are employed in metallic designs.
  • Grease is usable on these control arms.
Black E-Coat gives optimal durability.The control arm is not ideal for a few small vehicles.
The control arm is flexible as well as very strong.Just a wrench is not so much required as installation.
Also easy to install on your car.Some users do not like the type of threaded stud.
Also a product suitable for different types of car brands. 
Given the completely natural rubber bushing material. 

5 ACDelco Control Arms

ACDelco Control Arms

Manufactured with higher-grade raw materials for durability.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Side-by-side of the top list, ACDelco is the leader of the popular global market to this day. Today the ACDelco brand is trusted by consumers. they produce and sell the best quality auto parts for automobiles. The ACDelco control arms are one of the distributed auto parts and are quite popular now. Customers can get adequate satisfaction by using this control arm for a long time after replacement. 

The control arms are made using advanced technology used in the fleet and light truck applications.

Product Features:

  • Professional and premium quality aftermarket replacement
  • Made with higher-grade raw materials.
  • Painted or e-coated to help prevent rust.
  • Full ball-type studs of cool structure.
  • Greasable design type.
  • Tested and recognized through extensive impact, wear, and fatigue tests.
The corrosion-resistant coating will give long-lasting performance.Due to high demand, it is often not available in the market.
For easy maintenance, this control arm has greasable ball joints.Customer care service should be more proactive.
Made with lightweight material for user convenience. 
Top products for budget-conscious buyers. 

Buying Guide:

To buy the most control arm that suits your needs, you have to further enrich your knowledge about the control arms available in the market. From the above 10 product descriptions, structure, pros, and cons, you can easily understand which product fits your needs and tastes by reviewing the market. The quality of the product is constantly rising and falling in the market. So the product at the top of the list will not always be at the top. So you can get the best control arms product of your choice by keeping your eyes and ears open and looking in the market. You can easily catch any problem with the product by looking at the product now. 

Things to Remember

The control arms enable the driver to enjoy a smooth ride, efficient steering, and other driving benefits. Therefore many do not understand what is wrong with their car. Then they repaired the car with an inexperienced mechanic and suffered more. Our advice would be to go to the right products; for example, control arms or suspensions, repair kits, and experienced mechanics if you want the longevity of your car.

When buying, check the leveling number of the box. Before buying the product, make a decision only after knowing its warranty and service. Knowing in advance what size control arm will fit in the car is less likely to cause harassment. Check the suspension well to avoid the complication of bushing fit then buy. When buying a control arm, try to buy some extra nuts.


Question: OEM or Aftermarket? Which one is best for your vehicle?

Answer: You can replace OEM control arms in both original style and performance to maintain the original features. That means there will be no additional benefits. OEM control arms are also more expensive than the Aftermarket type.

On the other hand, Aftermarket control arm manufacturers prefer to make products that are cheap and within the reach of the buyer by trading certain features. Aftermarket parts are continued to design for better performance in most cases. You can see, Aftermarket control arms are a wide choice for quality and price.

Question: Which material do you prefer for your vehicle's control arms?

Answer: Control arms are usually made using three separate materials. Arms are mainly made of Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum, or Stamped Steel. 

Cast iron is strong and can withstand various harsh driving conditions. The control arms made from this material are also lighter when compared to steel. 

However, Steel control arms are cheaper than others. Arms are strong enough to use in various bad situations. As well as steel rust is risky and if the driving conditions are mostly wet it will erode. 

Besides Steel and Cast Iron, Aluminum control arms perform well even in bad conditions. These are sometimes stronger than steel control arms. Aluminum control arms may crack instead of bending under extreme pressure such as collision or abnormal load which can be dangerous when descending at high speed on a freeway. 

The above three materials are of high quality and very good in their standards. However, our comparisons are for your information only so that you can easily buy the products according to your needs, requirements, and preferences. 

Question: Which shapes of Control Arms are best in the market?

Answer: There are many types of control arms in the market. Among them, A-frame design and Wishbone design are the most popular. These look a lot like triangles and are the most common design for cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicle components.

Question: How many miles are the control arms capable of?

Answer: With the change of time, the assembly of the Control Arms may become worn out. Assemblies are usually between 90,000 and 100,000 miles later. These can wear out quickly if you go over a large hole or are involved in a car accident. 

Question: Is it really safe to drive with a broken control arm?

Answer: You will be able to drive until you reach a safe place. But our advice is that please don’t push your luck. If the control arm is damaged, then your weight support will be less, and the stability of the car will be compromised. So it is not safe to drive if the control arm is broken.


If you choose the best control arms available in the market, it is sure to deliver the best service in the end. The tips may be from us but the efforts will be all yours. Hopefully using these tips, you will solve various problems of the car on your own and save money in the process. 

After all, you must know how to buy a good quality control arm. We will be grateful if this article helps in the process of your consideration. In short, you have to choose the best control arm to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience.