How to install running boards on Chevy Silverado: Step-by-Step Guide

By Samiul Alan - July 02, 2021

How to install running boards on Chevy Silverado

Apart from giving additional safety to the car, a running board also allows passengers to enter and exit from the car. As the Chevy Silverado has a little bit higher ground clearance, this small yet robust add-on can help the cause. When you are running a hardcore off-roading on a hilly or forest area, these can protect you from many dangers. It’s time to show  How to Install Running Boards on Chevy Silverado for your safety. Because in the end safety is all that matters in the end.  

How to install running boards on Chevrolet Silverado 

Details and specs on the specific running board installation depend on the exact year, model, cab type, and trim level of the Chevy Silverado. All details are manually noted in the installation sheet that is available along with every package. Bully USA includes installation brackets and hardware with the running boards for your vehicle unless the item description states that the hardware is not given. It is good enough to have the generic running board installation manual near at hand. It proves really handy to install running boards on your Silverado truck by yourself and save time on the installation.

Step 1. Start the running board installation procedure from the driver’s side of your Chevy Silverado truck. Inspect the rocker position of the truck and locate 5 tabs (pinch weld). You have to install brackets by bolting them to the 1st, 2nd, and 5th tabs.

Step 2. After the holes are located, remove the rubber plug from the larger hole. The clip nut will go into the bigger hole and the threaded nut has to be put in order with the smaller hole.

Step 3. Always remember that the brackets are universal and will work right on the drivers and passenger sides. Mount brackets supposed to be with bolts to the OE threaded holes. Attach but do not tighten the bolts for now.

Step 4. Do the same steps for the remaining 2 brackets on the drivers’ side too. When brackets are installed, place the running board on the mounting brackets and make sure it matches the bolts along with it. Do not slide or turn the running board to avoid unwanted damages. The running board has to be lined up 3 inches back from the wheel opening. When it’s done, attach it with bolts but do not overtight the hardware.

Step 5. Move to the passenger side of the Chevy Silverado. When working on the installation on this side, make sure that the boards and mounting hardware do not cause any trouble or interact with the fuel tank or lower tank under the tray. If it does, the tank or tray will require to be dropped a bit (tank/tray removal is not a required process).

Step 6. Continue with the installation of the passenger side running board as you did on the driver’s side. When the installation process is complete, make sure the bolts are properly tight enough and the hardware is not loose.

Uses of Running Boards

The vital purpose of the running boards is to prevent the side of the car from directly being hit by any other car or anything. And safety is all that matters most to you and your loved ones.

They are not just for uplifting the styling factor of the vehicle; they bring you many benefits too. Right from providing you safety to keeping your vehicle covered from any kind of dent or damage, this simple and straightforward invention is there for you to give you a safe driving experience in any road conditions. Give it a new makeover to your Chevy Silverado now with stylish running boards.

As there are so many different designs and patterns available, the material of the running boards could differ largely. They are stainless steel, chrome, or other types of powder-coated content.

After all these, it comes down to your personal preference for your vehicle. But you must remember a few things:

  • Picking out a set of the best running boards for Chevy Silverado trucks that matches your looks.
  • If you want something classic and black that won’t distract from the other elements of your vehicle, there are plenty of options so you don't have to worry.
  • There are also various sets of running boards available with their very own sense of style that can change the look of your truck. Find what works best for you and your truck, and you would be surprised with the result.
  • The size of the steps themselves, and the positioning of anchor points. Make sure to always pick the right size for your vehicle, or else they can't be installed properly.


Get started with choosing the awesome and good-looking running board for your Chevy Silverado and install them correctly without paying extra money to the garage for the installation process. You can get this done fast; all you need is a complete tool kit set to get started with the DIY. So, this article is not only for how to install running boards on Chevy Silverado but also for proper guidance on your running boards.