How to Connect a Trickle Charger to a Car Battery

By Samiul Alan - June 22, 2021

trickle charger

We use cars every day in our day-to-day life. Cars are a very essential part of our life. At present, there are various types of cars available in the market. Some of them run using petrol and diesel, some are electric cars.

Nowadays, electric cars are more popular than petrol and diesel-run cars. Electric cars require fewer expenses and less maintenance than other cars. Electric cars are also faster than gas and petrol cars and they are eco-friendly as well. Electric cars require batteries to run. And the best way to quickly charge the batteries is by a trickle charger.

Today, we will talk about how to connect a trickle charger to a car battery.

Trickle Charging

Trickle charging means charging an already charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate. This enables your car's battery to remain at its fully charged level. A trickle charger provides an even more sustainable charge than a quick jump start.

If you want an alternative power source for your car battery, then a trickle charger is a smart investment for you. The main reason for using a trickle charger is to charge your car battery in emergency situations. You don't want to see your battery dead at the time you need it.

That's the time when the trickle charger comes in handy. Attach it to your car battery when it's parked, and your car has a steady stream of power. Now let's talk about the steps on how to connect a trickle charger to your car's battery.

How to connect a trickle charger

There are a few steps you need to follow to connect a trickle charger to your car. After following these steps your car will be always ready to go whenever you want to.

how to connect a trickle charger
How to connect a trickle charger

Step 1: Position Your Car

Your car can not be moved once you connect your car battery and trickle charger components together. So, you need to keep it in a garage. During the trickle process, some fumes might emanate from the system. No need to worry, it's completely normal.

Step 2: Set the Power Specifications

A car's battery is standard when it comes to specifications. It's always good to verify the amperage and voltage of the battery before any connections are made with the charger. You can use the buttons on the trickle charger to set it to the exact same numbers of voltage found on the car battery.

Set the values to the middle of the range which is found on the battery. Any kind of fluctuations can still be within a safe area. Overcharging the battery can cause many problems. Overcharging leads a battery to damage. Sometimes, it causes fire because of chemical reactions.

Step 3: Ground the Charger

If you know how to test a car battery, then you can easily understand the importance of ground. The negative side of the circle provides a gateway for an electrical surge if there is one. It's a safety mechanism for the battery.

You must ground the trickle charger before hooking it up with the battery. A grounding clip is usually included with the power source. You need to attach it to a clean section of the car's frame.

You need to keep an eye on the undercarriage in this case. You can use an opposite ground if you like. It will reduce the change of electrical issues during the trickle process.

Step 4: Clip the Connectors on the Battery

To do this step, you need to locate the red and black clips hanging from the battery. Hold the red clip, attach the red clip to the positive terminal of the battery. Make sure the clip has attached perfectly to the terminal.

Now connect the black clip to the negative terminal of the battery. Don't touch any part of the wire after connecting the charger and battery. The power which will go through the wire will ensure a long life for your car's battery.

Step 5: Plug into Power

If you have followed the above instructions properly, then the system is stable enough to plug into power. Keep the charger to the off mode for now. First, connect the trickle charger's power cable into an outlet.

Make sure every connection is arranged perfectly. After that, turn on the trickle charge. Your selected voltage should light up.

Step 6: Watch the Setup

Keep an eye on both the charger and the battery. The trickle charger should act as its description says. A small amount of power will flow to the battery. It will take quite a while.

In the first week, keep an eye on the process. If everything looks okay then check once a month. Your car will have full charge whenever you're ready to ride the car.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is a trickle charger the same as a battery charger?
Ans: No, they are completely different.

2. After how long should I hook up the trickle charger?

Ans: A car's battery can run for 20 hours after a full charge. So, you should hook up the charger  15-20 hours after a full charge.

3. Could I damage my car's battery if I leave the trickle charger on for too long?

Ans: it depends on which type of charger you have.



A trickle charger is a very useful product. The trickle charger doesn't let the battery discharge when it's not in use. In many situations, battery performance depends on its temperature. A trickle charger helps to keep your car's battery at optimum temperature. If you have read the article completely, then you have already learned how to connect a trickle charger to a car battery.

The low charge of the trickle charger ensures that there is no overheating of your car's battery. So, if you are thinking about buying a charger for your car's battery. Then trickle charger is what you need.